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To be frank, the death of the former was indeed a loss. She was so loved by many people both fans and the WWE officials; she was a star in the field of wrestling.

After her death, lots of statements has been made about her by top wrestlers and officials alike. Her death was a tragedy and a painful exit. Chyna was a role model and also a founding member of the D-Generation X which she found along side with some other superstars.

It has reported that the wife of Vince McMahon and the mother of Shane and Stephanie McMahon revealed some basic facts about the deceased. Linda has been a helping meet to the husband ever since the foundation of the WWE Company.

The company started small in New York and now has grown into a multinational company.

During an interview on FOX Business, Linda talked about various areas of the company and what is going on. She also talked about the deceased Chyna. She explained and talked a lot of things about her when she said,

“It’s always a loss when you’ve had someone that’s come up in the ranks like Joanie [Chyna],” “She was kind of in the forefront of the women’s power position in WWE, so she’ll be missed.” What a great loss indeed!