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As more investigation is going on about Chyna’s death, it has been reported that she has lived a frustrated life due to how she was rejected by WWE and other entertainment world.

According to toxicology reports have reached us that Chyna had been struggling with things for years
This made her to be addicted to drugs and alcohol which perhaps must have sent her to her early grave.

As a result of her life style, WWE decided not to do anything with her and eventually pushed her away.

Although she has tried all could for them WWE to accept her back to the company but all to no avail. Even TNA also withdrew from her as well as her family.

Meanwhile, Vivid Entertainment had plans for Chyna to do a movie for them and was one of the reasons WWE pulled away from her.
Apart from being addicted to drugs and alcohol, she was also involved in pornography and this made her to have issues with her family members.

No doubt, this and many others may have led to her frustration her in life which eventually prompted her to misuse her prescribed drugs and alcohol intake.