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The WWE made ups if Superstars and Divas and that’s why entertainment in the company in the company has been awesome and real.

There are great, average and even mediocre in the WWE company just as there are in several other organizations or firms. The case of the WWE Diva Eva Marie has become a thorn on the flesh of the WWE as she has bluntly refused to amount to anything good in the WWE. Report states that she has refused to be useful for the company.

Eva Marie has recently been suspended for the violation of the WWE wellness policy which lasted for 30 as usual and so many folks thought that she may through their medium go away from the company or better still, the company may just look for a befitting excuse to get rid of her. But to our greatest surprise, she returned after her suspension. WWE has been trying so very hard to ensure that she gains a lot just like other stars in the company but all their efforts seems to be essentially worthless.

More so, Eva Marie has been made to undergo series of other trainings so as to improve her in-ring skills and lots more. It has been observed that the harder the WWE try to improve her, the lesser or underwhelming her results.

Recently, a list of some superstars who WWE needs to fire was released and in it the name of Eva Marie was included as one of the Divas that must be allowed to go out of the WWE alongside Brie Bella. Anyway, there may be hope for the beautiful looking Diva Eva Marie somewhere else if she eventually gets fired by the WWE who sees her of not being a talent to be used for the promotion of the company.