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According to a recent report by Givemesport, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon passed away after his limousine exploded in a storyline, back in 2007.

 Vincent Kennedy McMahon and Donald Trump

It might be hard for us to believe that America’s president-elect Donald Trump got tricked by a WWE storyline; but yes, it actually happened!

According to a recent report by Givemesport, the President-elect thought that his real life friend Vincent Kennedy McMahon passed away after his limousine exploded in a storyline, back in 2007. An old interview of Triple H with Opie and Anthony validated the claim.

In the interview, The Game talked about the phone call WWE received, following the airing of the incident.

I mean people, and they’ll probably be mad at me for saying this, but [Donald] Trump called and was like…Did something happen to Vince?

The beauty of storytelling in pro wrestling once again came to light as WWE received a lot of calls from media outlets and fans alike, offering condolences for the untimely demise of McMahon. Various media houses aired the news as a legitimate accident and the stock prices even plummeted because the investors genuinely believed the authenticity of the reports.

Courtesy of an old Opie and Anthony interview of Triple H, it was revealed that the President-elect is amongst those who got deceived by the hoax!

Amidst all the commotion that spread like wildfire, Vince McMahon was forced to return the following night, to address the real-life death of Chris Benoit. He appeared for the 25th June edition of ECW, and confirmed his well-being, much to the delight of WWE Universe.

While WWE did a commendable job in the execution of the bizarre storyline, a keen eye could spot a small continuity error, in the entire clip of the explosion. One such giveaway was the condition of the ground which changed drastically- between Vince getting in and the limousine exploding; the ground was dry before, but a puddle appeared right after the explosion.

Nevertheless, the wrestling angle managed to fool a lot of people!

Take a look at the entire incident, as it unfolded