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Seth Rollins has been on quite a roll in The WWE lately and one has to wonder if that trend will continue at this Sunday’s Hell in a Cell pay per view.

Surely, WWE could keep Owens as Universal champion and continue to have Seth Rollins in the hut for the title, but what does that really do for Seth Rollins? While Rollins could easily continue to build upon his babyface role and finally get his hands on The WWE Universal title later in the year, his immense babyface reaction from fans seems to point to WWE needing to pull the trigger on the title change sooner than later.

If not, WWE risks losing Rollins’s massive babyface reaction from fans and also hurting the drawing potential of his upcoming feud with Triple H. Will Seth Rollins still be popular after losing his third straight shot at the title? Of course he will, but that doesn’t mean it wont hurt him in the short run and force WWE to maybe hold off on the feud with Triple H for awhile.

That said, WWE looks like they still want to keep Kevin Owens strong in defeat ands will focus on his friendship with Chris Jericho to make the loss seem more logical and helpful to both superstars.

According To source, it’s going to be Kevin’s “friendship” with Chris Jericho that will cost him the title at Hell in a Cell.

Chuck Carroll, a longtime wrestling commentator and respected WWE insider, believes that this match will go in Rollins’ favor so he can continue on with his feud against Triple H, assuming Triple H doesn’t remain “authority” forever.” What do you think? Is this possible for WWE to do without hurting either superstar in the long run? If not, which superstar do you think it will hurt the most?