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Within the month, there have been stories of releases by the WWE Company and this has been really hurting. The release did not centered on superstars alone but also on officials.

The last officials to be released were Rich Brennan and Kyle Edwards after which the release of one of the top announcer of the company was released by the company. Reports states that Alex Del Barrio was released by the company just yesterday afternoon.

Alex Del Barrio otherwise known as Reyes is an announcer who came into the company just last year October after trying to enter the company as an announcer since 2004 while he was still in college. His first appearance was as a backstage announcer on NXT programming where he acted as host on an event not shown on TV.

According to, Alex Del Barrio assisted development talent in their promos at the WWE Performance Center. The cause of his release has not really been uttered by the WWE Company. Anyway, we will update as soon as our news team arrives from the WWE Company.