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The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor as been given a suggested amount by David Haye so as to enable the two of them gets into the ring that could be tagged as a ‘Mega Fight’

“I will come out retirement to fight the UFC featherweight Champion” apparently the legend Floyd Mayweather has been teasing is fans some weeks backs now.

The former heavyweight world champion while he was speaking said a huge pay-day could actually tempt into taking the Irish MMA star, and it is so obvious that the popularly known ‘Floyd Money Mayweather’ cares for nothing but only the money has the legend can’t get in the ring for nothing less than $100million £69.7m. As it is well know McGregor will in all ways he surely bring his big fans in and the two biggest names in world sport not to mention boxing and MMA people will be so interested to see.

Though the UFC president Dana White says last week that fight is unlikely to happen, if McGregor will fight Mayweather at all he will have to get permission from the company has is on contract with the promotion.