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Report just reaching us states that former WWE World Heavyweight Champion has finally shocked everyone and quit the company.

Fans had never expected it to happen at such. All eyes were looking towards when WWE will just announce a return one more match will send the former champion off finally, but the reverse was the case even as it was believed that he would return soon.

Dave Batista has turned down the expectations of fans wanting him to come wrestler one more match for the WWE. Although, it was announced previously that Batista would be returning to the company some time ago but the Animal has just announced to fans that he is not coming to WWE again.

Months back, Dave announced his return to the ring and said that his reason for returning was to win the WWE World heavyweight Champion again for the last time before he finally calls it a career with the company.

Report has it that Batista is fed up with the company’s booking decisions and just needs to be on his own. Dave was not happy in any way with the bookings that he has received so far from the WWE most especially during the WrestleMania 30. For all these coming to mind, Dave Batista has reported quit the company announcing to fans that there would be no last matches for him.