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The former WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella has been in a relationship with John Cena for some years now and with the tickling of the clock, no one has been able to predict what the relationship will look like in the nearest future whether or not it will lead to marriage.

It is revealed that Nikki had good time dating Dolph Ziggler who revealed to be her immediate Ex before meeting John Cena while Cena on the other hand, suffered great pains from the hands of his former wife who had to file divorce against him.

Trying to know what’s delaying John Cena’s proposal, fans deemed it fit to ask the former Divas champion to be sure whether John Cena had proposed but she is not saying yes to him. A fan asked her:

“Would you say ‘yes’ to John Cena if he proposed?” Nikki’s response was “I think I’ve been saying ‘yes’ for years now. I’m just kidding, I would say ‘yes’ in a heartbeat if John asked me to marry him.” The Diva is just ready to say yes if only her man the Cenation leader would propose.

Well, we just hope it happens soon for it would be the pleasure of every fans to seen Nikki and Cena joined together for life.