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It is revealed according to reports from statistic that the UK is the second consumer of the WWE, put differently; the UK has much to do with the WWE after North America. The reports also states that the company’s coffers has always been increasing for some years now. The WWE is not sleeping; they are ensuring that Brexit wouldn’t put a dent on their income.

There is a wide spread news that there would be implications befalling the sports of football due to Brexit. The question now is that would the WWE be free from these implications? Well, the case of the WWE may be indeed different from that of football.

There is pretty no cause for alarm as the WWE’s 5years television deal with BSkyB was done in US Dollars, and not British Pounds and according to, A similar situation arose in the WWE’s deal with Cable Thai Holdings, which was disputed over and settled earlier this year in court.

It was revealed that even in that case, the contract drawn up had mentioned that all payments to the WWE would be in US Dollars. The statistic was carried out and the reported was given for us to view. From the statistic we understand that North America is first consumers while UK second.