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The Deadman has possibly done his last match, and that was the bout against Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 32.

After that Hell in a Cell match that formally welcomed the younger McMahon to the company, words have been going round that The Undertaker may never wrestle again.

As a matter of fact, it’s being said that The Undertaker is deliberately avoiding the calls of the WWE CEO who reportedly was pitched on the concept that The Deadman should lose the match to his dear son in a grand style but the Deadman wouldn’t budged for that.

In line with the foregoing, several media outlets have reported that the Deadman was overheard telling people at the party after the match with Shane that the bout against Shane is what he calls his last.

According to a report by, The Undertaker and The Chairman are not in a good talking atmosphere.

Reports have it that, Vince McMahon wants The Phenom to do one more match and that could possibly be at SummerSlam, but things seem not to be working in the favor of the Chairman. The situation has really gotten overboard that Undertaker deliberately removed himself from all his upcoming performances.

Now, the most awful side of the story is this, the Undertaker’s contract with the company requires that he wrestles at least once a year which he has done. So the 51-year-old is safe not to appear at all for the whole year. In that case, we shall bring you updates as touching the struggles between Vince and Taker.