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WWE is known for letting off Stars who are under-performing go; they do that time and time again and it’s called, “Clean-up”

Swann was released by WWE in February after being arrested for domestic battery, and he’s decided to return to the indie scene.

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Rich Swann was once one of the most promising young stars that the WWE had, and he even won the Cruiserweight Championship while wowing fans all around the world.

But unfortunately he had a bit of trouble in his personal life, and this led to his WWE release not long ago.

Since that point, he went on Twitter to announce that he’d likely be retiring from pro-wrestling, but just this past weekend the high-flying sensation made his return to the promotion that made him a star, Combat Zone Wrestling, and he received a tremendous ovation.

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Swann is only 27 years old, so the talk of his retirement may have been quite premature as the fans absolutely loved him. But it’s probably best just to take Swann’s career day by day now, and cherish his in ring performances while we can.

Despite the personal problems, Swann is looking to better himself outside of the ring and prove everyone wrong, and his return received plenty of love on Twitter from guys like Will Ospreay, which is no doubt a dream match for both men in a big promotion.

Either way, Swann is back inside a ring for the first time in quite some time, and although it may only be for a short while, he reportedly looked fantastic in his return and may be looking to hold off on that retirement talk. But for now, let’s enjoy it for what it is.