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So painful it is to witness the death of a loved one. If you have never experienced such, you may not really know what it means or the pains attached to the heart when a beloved fellow is lost. It pains really, yes it does.

The death of the WWE Diva Chyna was indeed abrupt and sudden. Her death was a huge loss to many fans, fellow wrestlers and also the officials of the Company. Some are missing her already. So sad!

So many things have been said about her death, that is, the cause of her death. Some said that her death was as a result of pornography where as others said that her death was as a result of her cosmetic surgery error. But the truth is that she died as a result of drug overdose.

Words were laid down about her sudden death, describing how and who she was. They only talks about her in nice tones and nothing evil was said about her.

Some said that she was a very hard working and jovial person who love to always be happy, while others said that she is friendly and nice. Bellow is what the WWE RAW announcer Lillian Garcia has to say about her: