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At the fateful day, Rollins was terribly injured by Kane at a house show match, and end up losing his MCL, ACL, and Medals, he cut down the WWE main list over the year due to his injury particularly at the main event level.

Seth Rollins was expected to return after six to nine months, but things are progressing faster than people thought, and he may return sooner to the ring. He was thought to hold the World Heavyweight Title into WrestleMania 32 and take part in the main event. But he failed due to his injury. And the ex member of The Shield may possibly back.

Fans are in anticipation of him to quickly recover his injury so that he can be back on stage to restore what he has lost. Rollins lost a lot, not that he won the WWE World Heavyweight Title, and he also won match with John Cena, Sting, and some other superstar at WrestleMania.

Rollins show up before WrestleMania 32, walking around the backstage with some bit of injured way. Though he had the stiff, but he was moving good when he was walking around the backstage. He may probably not be ready to return this moment, but he may return sooner. It now depends on him and the WWE officials.