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The prodigal son Shane McMahon left the WWE for some years only to return to take full control of Monday Night RAW. At first when he returned he was given a condition where with if he overcomes, he will take control of RAW because fans just love him.

Shane was fixed in a match with The Undertaker which he lost. But even at this, Shane was given the chance to control RAW the next day after his match with The Undertaker. Fans were so pleased and very excited to see Shane controlling the show.

It is obvious that Shane has controlled the show for three weeks now and every one just seems good with that. Now, what will happen if Triple H comes back? It’s going to be war indeed for Triple H has been the one controlling the show while Shane was away.

Now with Shane McMahon in full control of RAW, what will happen when The Authority shows up? Who would eventually control the show?

It has been rumored that the WWE will have a brand split where Triple H will rule SmackDown while Shane remains the master of RAW for this to happen in the coming weeks, the company will start some kind of storyline leading to some kind of a match in Pay-Per-View matches. Wow! Shane and the Authority would clash on the next RAW.