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One of the greatest athletes who have wrestled in the WWE ring has been away for some years now but recently we heard him in an interview with Mark Madden discussing his return.

During the interview, Kurt said that he possibly may return to the company again, also, he said that he had discussed with Triple H and his return will be any moment from now. This news of the return of Kurt Angle did arouse a feeling in fans who have longed to see Kurt perform his thing again in the WWE ring.

Lately, it was reported that Kurt Angle will no longer return to the ring and this sudden change has turned down the expectation of fans that was looking forward for Kurt fighting again in the WWE ring. With the latest happenings, Kurt posted the below in his facebook saying:

“In response to some of your questions today regarding the WWE, and all of the media fanfare about it the last few days, I want to, once again, say that our confidential conversation never discussed the brand split. A few wrestling sites seem to have put a spin on this by twisting some words around to fit their agenda, something that I have no control over. What I CAN control is my own life, and my life isn’t only wrestling. I do not expect to be in wrestling much longer. I AM excited about my future. Thank you.”

What is the WWE really up to? Well, time will unfold what it is that matters.