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The passing away of former WWE Champion, Seth Rollins’s boy must come as a shock to the whole wrestling community, not just Rollins himself as no one saw it coming.

Jonah Snyder, just 20-years-old, died two months ago, after he collapsed while training to be a pro wrestling at the academy in Illinois.

The academy, Black and Brave wrestling is own by Colby Lopez, who goes by Seth Rollins in the world professional wrestling. Hence, when the report of his death reached Rollins, he broke down and was somber, a source reported.
That said, Rollins decided to honor the deceased in the most noble way he could, at the national stage.

Black and Brave Wrestling Academy posted a picture on its Instagram account Tuesday showing WWE star Seth Rollins wearing a blue wrist band on Monday Night Raw in memory of Jonah Snyder; as Raw took place in Buffalo on Monday.

The 20-year West Seneca wrestler who passed away with all his further and ambition ahead of him. Hence, on behalf of, our sincere condolences go to the family, friends, staff and management of Black and Brave Wrestling Academy. May his soul rest in peace!