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One of the most powerful stables in the WWE, The New Day recently accepted an invitation for challenge by the Wyatt’s Family and during the segment of this invitation, Xavier Woods walked away from his teammates Big E and Kofi Kingston.

Nonetheless, Big E and Kofi Kingston accepted the invitation for challenge which did came to their compound, from the look of things, we can simply say that the New Day stable is on their way to split. During an interview with Michael Cole, Xavier Woods was asked to tell the reason for his strange movement.

Speaking to Michael Cole, Xavier Woods said that it is not that the team is planning to part but the point was that his teammates underestimated the Wyatt’s Family. He further stated that people don’t realize the achievement of Bray Wyatt himself not to talk of the entire Wyatt Family he said that he is not afraid of the Wyatt but that they are unpredictable beings that can come up with anything at anytime.

Furthermore, Xavier said that he is going to be in the match with his fellow teammates since the invitation has already been accepted to their compound and also said that he is still going to be in the Wyatts family’s compound as well. Remarkably, he said that the match is just unpredictable as he do not know if more members of The Wyatt’s Family would show up.