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Roman Reign was suspended from WWE following is violation of the company wellness policy, the decision by WWE authority to reduce is sentence as been considering partial by many, following the rule which clearly state, wrestler who breaks the rule most serve a 60 days banned. Roman Reign was exempted from this and will be featuring triple threat main event at Battleground against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

According to Ringside News, Vince McMahon wanted to sweep Roman Reigns’ failed drug test under the rug and almost pretend it never happened entirely. This potentially explains why the decision was made to keep Reigns in the three-way at Battleground, even though there’s plenty of time to reverse course and an easy backup match to fall back on. As previously reported, McMahon and other top officials knew of Reigns’ violation even before his Money in the Bank main event, but it’s easier to forgive the call to keep him in that match as they may not have had any other choice.

There have been conflicting reports over the last couple months about how Vince truly feels about Roman Reigns. McMahon and Triple H both pushed hard for Hunter to put Reigns over as much as possible leading up to the WrestleMania main event. There was enough backlash to make McMahon think about reconsidering who would occupy his company’s top spot, but today’s news seems to indicate that he still has high hopes for “The Guy.” That, or he was simply hellbent on booking the main event we’re finally getting at Battleground.

The Wellness Policy, which has been questioned on many occasions for its legitimacy, has been put to the test in 2016. Reigns is the third superstar to endure a suspension this year alone and by far the biggest name. Adam Rose and Konnor from The Ascension were suspended on the same day back in April for their second violations. Reigns will end up missing the much-anticipated WWE Draft on the first live Tuesday edition of Smackdown, as his first match back on TV will come at Battleground.