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Lionel Messi has retired from international duty after missing in a penalty shootout as Argentina lost a fourth major final in nine years.

According to lionel messi he said that he is no longer instrested in playing for national team again,’’he said that he did not belive that chile could defeat them in copa America final.he said I have don all I can for agentine .It hurt not to be a champion.’’
Messi, 29, has won eight La Liga titles and four Champions Leagues with Spanish side

But his only major international honour is that he has wound Olympic gold at the 2OO8 Games
Lionel messi also lose two copa America final by missing penalties to chile, according to messi he said that all the effort made was not that currageous for allowing Germany to beat then 1-0 in
2014 world cup final.
The forwarder who was been awarded the Ballon d’Or five times, was also on the losing side against Brazil in the 2007 Copa America final.

Messi said that football game is win or lose afar, that he has played for four finals in argentine 2005 and has played 133 time for his country.
Messi also said it was the thing he needed most, but could not get it, so he think it is better for him not to play in the national team.
Argentina football team was in debate when they over heard messi said that he is not playing again for the national team , Manchester united goalkeeper Sergio Romero said he hope messi would ’’reflect his mind and condition to reconsider playing again cause
Messi his one of the best player they have in the national team, loseing messi will make them to lose so many chance as a team, “I think he sporke while he was heated, because a beautiful opportunity escaped us,’’ said Romero ‘’I can not imagine a national
Team without messi said Romero.

Sergio Aguero described the mood in the eyes of the argentine player in the dressing room saying that dis is the worst he has ever seen,and also say that this will make other argentine player suggest leavening the national team along with messi ,because of this issue so many players are evaluating not continuing with their national team , see wat Manchester city striker also told the south America media ,

He said is mind that it is time for to leave the national team that it is the worst defeat ever, worser than the two other he said that he thinking that leave have to give way for the up coming star to shinein the world of football.