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The truth about Jim Ross’ dead or alive status has been revealed. The news that stated Jim Ross is dead came as a shock especially as it came after the demise of Former ECW Wrestler Hack Meyers two days ago. The internet buzzed as the news came onboard stating that the legendary commentator is dead. What really happened? Who killed him? What killed him? These and lots more were the questions that hung on the lips of millions of WWE fans worldwide.

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The news came in like this, “former WWE commentator Jim Ross has passed away” and before we could say Jack Robinson the news spread over the internet like wildfire.

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What really happened is this; a hacker took over the Twitter account of Jim Ross and craftily posted something insinuating that Jim Ross is dead. No one thought it could be faked. No one bothered to check the authenticity of the post. No one checked the fact. But how could anyone have checked the fact anyway when it was perfectly done? Who could have thought otherwise? It didn’t end where the hackers announced that Jim is dead. No it didn’t! The hackers took their time, had discussions with the account and laid a firm foundation there that Jim is gone. Organically everyone fell for it. Everyone believed that legendary commentator is truly dead. But the truth is, as we read the lines of this post right now, Jim is very much alive and the source that first broke the rumor has been found.

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