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It has been announced before now that Finn Balor won the WWE Universal Championship Title at the second biggest PPV of the year SummerSlam against Seth Rollins.

Just few hours ago, we reported that Finn Balor sustained a very terrible injury which actually resulted from the his match with Seth Rollins. Nevertheless though, Finn has made history of becoming the first talent to win the WWE World Championship on their PPV debut. This is indeed a record breaking experience which has never happened before in the history of the WWE.

Now because of injury, Finn Balor has to give up the Universal title and according to him, he will be coming back for it when he is well and strong again to compete in the ring and he will do anything possible to ensure he take his title back. Fans were not pleased when he made the announced on RAW last night, whether they are pleased or not, he just have to let go off the title untill he recovers from his injury any time any day.

It is revealed that Finn Balor has been the longest title holder in the WWE NXT and apart from that he has also succeeded in achieving so much in his career. Finn Balor qualified to face Seth Rollins at SummerSlam after winning a fatal-4-way and a subsequent match against Roman Reigns on the same night. After the Summerslam, the next day happens to be the WWE Monday night RAW which saw Finn Balor giving up his title due to injury.

The WWE Monday night RAW started with the commissioner of RAW, Stephanie McMahon and her manager Mick Folley in the ring waiting for Finn Balor to come and not quit long Balor came and announced to the WWE Universe that he is giving up the WWE Universal Championship title because of his fatal injury which requires surgery. Well, we hope he recovers soon.