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The WWE Summerslam was said to be a poor booking in the main event which featured The Beast Brock Lesnar against The Viper Randy Orton in a singles match and the result was indeed deadly to talk about.

You can recall that last two weeks on the WWE Monday night RAW that Paul Heyman lead his client Brock Lesnar to the ring to promote his match against the Viper Randy Orton and while announcing, Paul Heyman made severals exaggerations about his client including saying that that Randy Orton will not get the chance to deliver a RKO to the Beast but as he talked further, Randy Orton came out from nowhere and delivered a RKO from nowhere to Brock Lesnar.

Paul Heyman and his client was so ashamed of themselves watching Randy Orton laughing at them vivaciously and scornfully. But while promoting the match, Paul Heyman made mention of Randy Orton ending up in the hospital after the match and bet that Randy will surely suffer after he meets with Brock Lesnar.

It is obvious that the dream was partially realized because Brock Lesnar fulfilled as much as his powers could. Ironically, Randy Orton in the other hand still broke some of their claims because he also delivered a RKO more than once in the match proving to Paul Heyman that he can deliver his RKO in any place at any time needed even though he lost the match to Brock Lesnar.

The match actually ended with Brock Lesnar opening Randy Orton’s head with his elbow and thus leaving him bleeding heavily. Brock Lesnar was so high that he never wanted Shane McMahon to come close Randy Orton to help up after the match; so with great fury, Brock Lesnar deliver a F5 to the SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon before finally leaving the