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There is a plan by the WWE for more wrestlers to be heard of. So, they are now thinking of a brand split. According to, Shane McMahon may actually be taking control of RAW even though he lost the match with The Undertaker.

Despite the fact that Shane lost the match with Undertaker, he was still rewarded by his father Vince McMahon to be the show runner of RAW. There were debuts of several new Superstars, new intercontinental champion and the return of famous Cesaro on the first night Shane anchored the Monday show.

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It is obvious that the whole universe loves Shane’s conduct. With how he runs things we can tell that he can run and create excited moments on RAW. But the question is, what might The Authority thinks on Shane’s success?

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Whatsoever their thoughts may be, it is still clear that Mr. McMahon is proud of his son and the WWE Universe as well. Shane now controls RAW!