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Wow! It is a thing of joy to witness the birth or the introduction of a soul into the world. Nothing can beat the fact that child birth is a gift and indeed a blessing to as many that receives it.

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It has been announced that the WWE well known Diva has put to bed. She gave birth to a bouncing baby girl and has been named Jordan; she is just as beautiful and adorable as the mother ‘Rosa’. But tribulations aroused after the successful child birth due to religion.

The husband Bobby is an atheist and the baptism of their child is what the problem is right now. Rosa. Rosa has said that she wouldn’t want to choose religion for her child that she would just allow her to grow up and choose her for herself. Rosa’s mum is a very religious woman, she insists that the child be baptized, she said if not baptized the child can rot in hell.

Bobby is so upset with the moves of Rosa’s mother. He even said this on national television, announcing how unhappy he is with the persuasion of his mother-in-law.

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Rosa has decided that she would return to the ring after few months of her maternity leave. Rosa’s mother had told Bobby that she would love to move close her family. Jordan is yet to be a grown up. And as she grows she has the chance to make as many decisions as she wants both on religion and other aspects of her life.