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THE RETURN OF Bill Goldberg is something that makes no news again in the internet world as it has always remained a rumor despite the fact that fans wants the semi-retired wrestler to return for a least a little while.

Year in, year out especially during forth-comings of WrestleManias, his return would make big buzzes just like it did in the last WrestleMania where there were even rumors that Shane McMahon would hire him to face The Undertaker. Unfortunately, that never happened; Shane did it himself and Goldberg was no where about.

According to a report by Daily Wrestling News, WWE wanted a six months contract with Bill Goldberg but the argument was that a one year contract would be preferred.

However at the brink of WrestleMania 32, the Wrestling Observer reported that WWE had not even contacted the former professional football player for a return.

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Hence, as touching the report that says Goldberg would run-in during the Shane McMahon-Undertaker Hell in a Cell match, Sudhir, a fan on the Twitter Social Media site tweeted, “We would’ve had a contest for ‘Best Spear at WrestleMania’ if he showed up”.

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The 49-year old American actor replied, “Never in the cards to show up tonight but I refused to spoil it for everyone by commenting…..thank you all for giving a shit”.