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The July 4th episode of RAW was indeed a talk of the town as it was really amazing and very excited. The show marked the 1206th RAW shows of the WWE and it was on the Independence Day celebration of America.

The night before the show, which was at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, there was celebration and merriment and it was reported that the show began with the majority of the roster having Barbeque on the eve of July the 4th. Cesaro and Apollo Crews were involved in an arm wrestling contest and the Golden Truth were busy in singing while the others were busy having food.

As the merriment was on, the Vaude Villains shun the Golden Truth and suddenly the barbeque was turned into fight as Kevin Owens ran and hid him under a table and was eating his food in there. Kevin was there until the whole place became calm scanty and then he came out took hold of a hot dog and later reached for a pie, then he said, “This would never happen on Canada Day”. He actually ended the scenario that day.

The WWE announcer, Lillian Garcia started the show by reciting the American National Anthem. When the match kicked off, Rusev, the US champion, beat Titus O’Neil and retained the US championship, while Big Cass and his colleague Enzo Amore dealt with Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, Social Outcasts members.

Furthermore, the WWE women Champion Charlotte walked into the ring with her tag team partner Dana Brooke and began to boost about herself until Sasha Banks interrupted her Sasha finally made a statement that outwit Charlotte’s.

More so, WWE champion Dean Ambrose beat the Intercontinental champion The Miz in a Champion vs Champion match. After the match, Seth Rollins walked into the ring to face Dolph Ziggler.