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WWE Superstar Injured At Hell In A Hell. The event came with its own spirits and injuries and we hope these injuries are not severe.

Here’s a trailer for the WWE 2K16 online features.

• Hell In A Cell has come and gone but like a super event, there are still scars sustained from the bouts. The spirits of the match still lingers on.
While the match reported several blood baths, one key match which kept every one at the edge of the fence was the encounter between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. Bloods came down from the two Superstars, shouts went up from the fans; the moments were electrical.

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However, none of them has come out to say that they were injured per se, so we keep quiet on that for now.

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But one Superstar has voiced out and that’s the WWE Divas Champion Charlotte who said that she sustained a nose scar from the match against Nikki Bella of which she emerged victorious. But report is already saying that she may have broken her nose and not a minor bruise like she puts it. She shall update you on that as due.

• As reported earlier, former WWE Diva Maryse is presently filming a zombies vs. Navy SEALs action-horror movie titled “XP-573” with actor Joey Lawrence. In the film which has been scheduled to come out June 15th, 2016, she uses Mikaela Usylvich as her character’s name. See recent photo of Maryse in character:

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