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Insider says Triple H often consoles talent backstage every night.

We’re constantly hearing rumours of backstage grumblings within WWE over the erratic nature of helmsman Vince McMahon – and several of those were seemingly confirmed by an insider on Wade Keller’s podcast.

As we reported earlier, a number of WWE superstars have also requested to be released or threatened to quit or are considering signing elsewhere after their contracts expire.

However, it also appears that one of WWE owner and chairman Vince McMahon’s own family members isn’t in the best of spirits either, as suggested by a source who called in this week on Wade Keller’s Pro Wrestling Post-Show podcast.

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Most notably, Triple H is said to be “the most frustrated person in backstage every night”, apparently taking wrestlers – in particular NXT graduates – under his wing, and seemingly “consoling them”.

As related by the source, WWE’s writers don’t deserve to be blamed by fans for the company’s lack of quality storylines as the creative team is “writing for an audience of one,” with the “one” in question being McMahon.

The source added that McMahon’s son-in-law, WWE executive vice president of talent Paul “Triple H” Levesque, is the “most frustrated person” backstage because of his father-in-law’s alleged tendency to micromanage things and disregard the wrestlers that Triple H built up as part of his role as NXT senior producer.

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Reports of Vince McMahon and Triple H not seeing eye-to-eye about developmental call-ups are nothing new; yes, very notable is Triple H’s growing tensions with Vince McMahon.

WWE insider Brad Shepard, said on his podcast that McMahon and his son-in-law have a “weird dynamic,” where Triple H grooms NXT talents for success on the main roster, only for Vince to try to prove him wrong by throwing these wrestlers “in at the deep end.”

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The caller noted both Stephanie McMahon and Triple H have tried to get through to Vince, whose penchant for monopolizing scripts and key decisions has received much of the blame (fair or not) for WWE’s viewership woes in the court of public opinion.

Other choice nuggets included that the Superstar Shake-Up didn’t transpire anything like originally planned, the ‘Wild Card’ rule was a last minute addition to the script, and that everybody works for Dana Warrior and “it’s really awkward”.

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The writer revealed that one colleague and Triple H were very close to calling it quits because he is so “unbelievably happy”, citing WWE as a “toxic atmosphere” which is “all because of one person”.

With all these ups and downs and backstage irregularities, reports have it that Stephanie McMahon may leave with Triple H…

How’s that for a pipe bomb?