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A report has just been submitted and it reads, “WWE Divas Champion Charlotte legally married to TNA star Thomas “Bram” Latimer.”

According to Bram was arrested on August 31st and charged with both domestic series by strangulation and for false imprisonment.

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The internet went bananas and fans began wondering if Charlotte was involved especially because it was an open secret that they were married.

Two months ago, precisely on September 1, 2015, reported that “Charlotte was not the woman involved rather Bram’s girlfriend, Ashley Allen, was.”

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The issue became more interesting and somewhat confusing when there became a natural line of connection between Charlotte’s real name and Bram’s girlfriend real name.

For the record, Charlotte’s real name is Ashley Fliehr while Bram’s girlfriend real name is Ashley Allen.

The report further stated two months ago that Charlotte and Bram had secretly gone their separate ways couple of months ago.

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But several sources still maintained that the duo was still legally married although they were on the verge of a divorce. In line with that, September 10th was fixed for the final hearing for their marriage annulment and few days ago, reported that “the divorce between Latimer and Charlotte was finalized on 10/29.”