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One thing we know about Mick Foley is that he loves to talk on his Facebook page; he does that all the time. It’s just his medium of communicating and airing his views about the WWE products and programming. He has earned an honest reputation for that and his followers and likes are overwhelming.

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He has been speaking from that corner until the hiring of his dear son, Dewey Foley by the WWE Creative team to be a writer’s assistant — a position which he would assume on the first month of 2016.

In his last submissions, Mick spoke about how Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose were not used by the WWE as they should. He wasn’t wrong by that assertion – the WWE Universe has gradually come to realize that now. But that is only coming after a quarrel broke out between his and the company following his criticisms of how the WWE misuses Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose.

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Mick’s criticism was like a bitter pile for nearly everyone in the WWE and they didn’t want him to speak about most of the things he spoke and commented about. Quite a few said a thing or two about Mick’s criticism but it wasn’t really that alarming. But recently Ric Flair, who’s now the WWE Divas Champion Charlotte’s manager, took it upon himself and blasted Mick on his podcast, Wooooo! Nation.

In that interview, he referred to Mick as an outside who don’t really know anything about what’s going on in the WWE. He noted that had Mick been inside the WWE, he would have probably spoken with a different tune. He said:

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“The problem I have is [Foley is] not there. Like, to me, Mick has become a Monday morning quarterback. He’s only observing what he’s watching on TV. Do you know what I mean? And I don’t think it’s fair to the company to be ostracized or scrutinized by someone that’s not there… [Foley]’s just saying ‘this can happen’, but if [he is] not there on top of it, watching it take place or unfold or come together, whatever the terminology would be, it’s just hard for me to understand how you sit back and critique it.”

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That was the first chapter of the story, that is, if you are taking it from Flair’s table.

Then few days ago, Mick Foley responded to Flair’s comments on Facebook. He said:

“There’s no story here. No controversy. Ric’s criticism of me was mild at worst. Besides he’s Ric Flair. He’s pretty much earned the right to speak his mind about anything he wants in the wrestling world.

“I had the right to criticize WWE, which I did…
“Ric Flair had the right to criticize my criticism of WWE, which he did…

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“But when we get to a point where I start criticizing Ric Flair’s criticism of me criticizing the WWE, the whole thing starts to sound pretty silly, doesn’t it?
“So let’s not go there.

“Instead of addressing a situation that isn’t actually there, let me share a little Foley-Flair story with you: following the Natalya vs Charlotte WWE NXT match at NXT Takeover on May 29th, 2014 – the match I still consider to be THE game-changer in ‪#‎WomensWrestling‬ in WWE – I spent several hours (more hours than any writing project I’ve done in the last three years) trying to express just how meaningful that match had been. I received a message from Charlotte telling me how much she appreciated my words, and I wrote back ‘You know, your dad and I might not agree on much…but we both believe in you.’”

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Well, we don’t think that would be the end of the story between Foley and Flair — the two had had quite an issue to battle about over the years. As stated above by Mick when he was speaking to Charlotte after she appreciated him for his kind words following the Natalya vs Charlotte WWE NXT match at NXT Takeover on May 29th, 2014. He said to Charlotte, ‘You know, your dad and I might not agree on much…but we both believe in you.’”

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