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John Cena vs. Big E

UPDATE: John Cena is telling people not to worry about his time off following Hell in a Cell. Cena has been confirmed by WWE as taking the time off following Hell in a Cell for personal reasons.

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WWE is telling talent that the time off is for “good reason,” with Cena previously saying nothing about the reasons why. However, some members of the talent roster that reached out to Cena, checking to make sure that he’s all right, say Cena has told them that everything is fine and that when everyone finds out why he chose to take a leave of absence, they will see it as a good thing.

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ORIGINAL: As previously reported, John Cena recently asked for some time off from his WWE schedule, including missing WWE’s upcoming European tour. WWE reportedly listed the reason for his time off as “personal reasons” and not injury.

According to sources, people in WWE asking why John Cena was removed from the European tour were told it was for a “good reason.” In addition, that reason was apparently not due to injury or a personal emergency. Cena himself is keeping mum on his time off. Cena was tight-lipped about his break last week when he was asked by talents about the issue.

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