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Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins

The Chicago Tribune has an interview with WWE Champion Seth Rollins, who was promoting tonight’s RAW in Chicago. Below are a couple of highlights:

If he is Latino since his last name is Lopez:

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“No, I’m half Armenian and half German and Irish. My biological dad was Armenian. My last name is Lopez and I have a darker complexion, which throws people for a loop. My mother’s first husband is Mexican. That’s where I got Lopez. I grew up eating Mexican food at home, but he was very American. He didn’t grow up in Mexico or speak Spanish.”
If he is mean to fans outside of the ring:

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“I’m not mean to fans because I’m a bad guy. I’m mean to them because they’re rude. If they stalk me at the airport at 4 in the morning, don’t expect to get a picture. That’s not OK. They can’t hang outside my hotel or come to the gym and stare at me for a half hour and expect me to be like “Cool. Awesome.” My favorite thing is to just run into fans coincidentally. Today the National Car Rental guy recognized me and got so excited and wanted to take a picture. Awesome. It was a fan that happened to run into me. To me, there’s a distinct difference. Don’t get me wrong — our fanbase is super passionate and I love them, but there’s a difference between stalking me at the airport and just happening to see me.”

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Rollins also talked about traveling with the Money In The Bank briefcase, Chicago sports, if he would like to do more acting, working with Jon Stewart and more.



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