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WWE posted the video above looking at 25 numbers that define The Undertaker. Some of the stats include:

* Taker won the WWE Championship 370 days after his debut, at the time the fastest anyone had one the title.
* The Undertaker and Kane defeated teams on pay-per-view 10 times. The faced each other 19 times, with Taker winning 14 of those.

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* The urn was stolen 7 times.

* As of last month’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view, Taker had won 92 of his 161 pay-per-view matches.

* Taker has never walked into WrestleMania as the World Champion, although he left with the title three times.

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* Taker’s longest televised match was his WrestleMania 28 match against Triple H, which was 30:52.

* His shortest televised match was 0:18, a victory over The Iron Sheik.

* The Undertaker has been on 16 video game covers, second to Triple H

* Undertaker is the only person to compete on the first episode of RAW that is still active


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