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WWE superstar and one-time WWE Tag Team Champion (with Seth Rollins) Roman Reigns did something unusual and probably unthinkable in the last WWE SmackDown in Ontario, California.

Our source reports that the two-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion botched up his entrance as he came out for his bout alongside Dean Ambrose against the Dudley Boyz even before his theme song could be played.

Reigns is known for botching up on the mic, but screwing up his entrance is certainly a first. However, the gaffe on Roman’s part did little to dampen the spirit of an otherwise high-octane match.

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The match began with Ambrose and Reigns facing off against the Dudley’s, which went on for around 10 minutes before Brock Lesnar entered the scene, Lesnar delivered quite a few blows to the duo, which was followed by an appearance from Triple H, after which both HHH and Lesnar left.

The Dudley’s then re-entered the ring, but were quickly subdued by Ambrose and Reigns, with the former delivering the Dirty Deeds on Bubba Ray while the latter took care of Devon with a giant pop.

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After the conclusion of the match, Ambrose and Reigns did a sort of lap of honor and strutted about on the ringside. The duo also made sure to thank the fans for taking time off to attend the event and even posed for pictures.