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A crazy female fan shocked the two time winner of WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns during the last TLC pay per view as detailed below.

Reigns is one Superstar quite a number of fans as well as Divas are falling over their feet for. Despite the fact that he’s married to Galina Becker and has a child, he still remains one top star both wrestling and non-wrestling fans hold dear to their heart. Yes, he has the charm and physique that makes most women lose the nut in their head.

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In the last TLC pay per view, a video captured how a crazy fan wanted him to grab her boobs but somehow he managed to snake his hand over her without offending either of the genders.

How it happened was like this, Roman Reigns was moving through the crowds to gain entrance into the last TLC pay per view and just when he got to a point, a crazy fan threw her body at him and somehow snaked his hand over the surface of her boobs, but Reigns didn’t touch it. No, he didn’t touch her boobs!

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He was professional, he even acted as if nothing really happened – he just moved on down the aisle. While the fan on the other side, looked as if she just fulfilled a mission, just won a bet.

Worthy to note is that, while a number of WWE Superstars have been plagued with sexually inclined rumors, the one-time WWE Tag Team Champion, has been free from all of such. He’s still rising though and we hope he can rise as high as John Cena, the 15-time winner of WWE HeavyWeight Champion who was tagged “the face of WWE” for many years.

You can watch the video below courtesy of The Fans Podcast Vine Channel.