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As a result of the purported ISIS attack at WWE Survivors Series tonight, a report has just been submitted stating that just before the bell of the match rang, WWE ensured that every nook and cranny was security tight.

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At tonight’s show, there was this heavy presence of fully armed security men outside of the Philips Arena who ensured that everyone who came around the show meant well and was free from deadly weapons. As a result, everyone had to queue to enable proper checking of everyone who’s going into the show. The check was thoroughly done with the help of metal detectors and bomb-sniffing police dogs which the police officers came along with.

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Earlier we reported that, the Five Finger Death Punch concert in Milan, that was on the same list of potential Islamic State (ISIS) terror attacks as the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view, has been canceled due to the threat.

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But that is for the Five Finger Death Punch concert alone, right now I can assure you that WWE Survivor Series is going well as planned and there is no course for alarm.

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