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According to All Wrestling News, the latest global surge in terrorist attacks may affect WWE Superstar, Roman Reigns’ attire.

Since late 2012 when the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns joined WWE, he has always come into the squared ring in a trademark of bulletproof vest. And that has remained so even now except for a touch of changes here and there and that has to do with logos being added on the attire.

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But word is WWE may be forced to change his attire in line with the latest terrorist attacks in Paris, France, and San Bernardino, California. Initially, it was stated that WWE intended to change his attire during the November 13 attacks in Paris that left over a hundred people dead and a few others injured. That was an awful memory to note anyway and the couple who carried out the “Islamic extremism-inspired terrorist attack” were killed during a gun brawl with the police.

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As noted earlier, the terrorist group ISIS were reportedly targeting Survivor Series to strike and everyone was alarm. Triple H came on air and said that all was going to be fine and that the company has intensified its security to ensure that all lives and properties were secured. And they did, they really did. And Roman Reigns continued wearing his eternal trademark attire. Nothing changed! Nothing!

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However, All Wrestling News’ has just reported that some of the company’s officials believe that, “if there continues to be terrorist attacks, the idea of one of its wrestlers wearing tactical gear and emerging from crowd would not be a good image, especially for a top babyface.”

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So why there are arguments and deliberations on the brand outfit of Roman Reigns in relation to terrorist possible attacks, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is reportedly the person who decided to keep Reigns’ look and attire intact. According to the report, McMahon is concerned that if Reigns should change his attire, it may be a “knee-jerk reaction,” and he doesn’t intend to ply that route just now. No! Not now. Not now that the company is planning on shooting Reigns to the very top of the ladder. Not now that the company implodes. Not now that most of its Superstars are down with injuries and RAW ratings keep falling drastically week in and week out. Not now!

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So the company has decided to play the “wait and see approach” game and that might be terrible should something eventually happens. We just hope nothing happens eventually. We do, we sincerely do.

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