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It had been a relatively quiet week for the WWE Divas prior to the November 16 episode of Raw. Then, for the first time since Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon tangled a year ago, two women headlined the show with a contract signing that put the final touches on the hype for Survivor Series and that night’s Divas Championship bout.

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Paige and Charlotte were part of a majorly controversial segment that invoked the memory of the latter’s late brother Reid while simultaneously engaging in one last major brawl to put adequate heat on their impending championship clash.

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Elsewhere in the WWE Universe, the NXT Divas made headlines, thanks to the first hint of things to come in the women’s division.

Bayley and Alexa Bliss locked up in a Six-Person Tag Team match, but it was the teased union of Eva Marie and Nia Jax that captured the attention of fans.

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With two huge title bouts on the horizon (Charlotte-Paige, Bayley-Bliss), the coming week promises to be a huge one for the women of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Who enters the next seven days at the top of this week’s Divas power rankings, with their placement based on win-loss record, as well as significance of their matches and vignettes?

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