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Vince McMahon is increasingly hungry to see that WrestleMania 32 reaches the all-time goal set for it and that has translated to him reaching out to top stars including those who have retired to ensure that the AT & T Stadium is filled to capacity.

Originally he used to get those who have the physique; those who are hefty and muscular – yes Vince has that eye for them. And even now, that has not changed much. As a matter of fact, that was reportedly what inspired him to root for a WrestleMania 32 match between The Undertaker and Braun Strowman – a match which even The Deadman himself was against.

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Today in the wrestling industry using WWE as a yardstick, fans are bent on stars who have the talents and skills and not just those who have the look. Hence, guys like Daniel Bryan successfully climbed the ladder of success.

However, there are speculations that in order to save the face of as well as build enough momentum for WrestleMania 32, Vince has started calling on Cruiserweight division and Championship to fall in for a tournament styled series.

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The report detailed that lightweight wrestlers could be called to the main roster for a multi-week WWE Network series.

So it appears, WWE is now set to bring back Cruiserweight division and perhaps, the Cruiserweight Championship, all in line with seeing the company thrive and overcome its challenges.

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Also, the report said that those whom the company plans to get for this show would weigh less than 205 pounds and indie wrestlers would go up against the developmental talents and in turn, give the latest NXT recruit – Manny Andrade (La Sombra) – a great debut.