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Brock Lesnar Defeats The Undertaker In Bloody Match

The issue at hand speaks volume on the imminent trouble surrounding Brock Lesnar….

No one seems to know what will become of Brock Lesnar on the issue of the last encounter he had with The Undertaker. The news spreading across the Internet on the aftermath of The Hell In a Cell match last Sunday speaks volume on the imminent trouble surrounding Brock Lesnar.

He was reported to have cut himself during that very fight-to-finish match he had with The Undertaker. It’s rumored that he probably used blade on himself which is against the law of WWE. Report says it was a blood-taste-match on Sunday night because Lesnar despite winning the match by defeating The Undertaker had a cut which was described as a bloody injury.

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However, punishment awaits Lesnar from WWE if found guilty of blading offense. Batista had a similar case of blading with the WWE sometimes ago and he was fined with $100,000. With this, Brock Lesnar’s fans pray it would end as mere rumors. More updates coming later.

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