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Hell In a Cell

Viewing from the aftermath of last Sunday’s show of Hell In a Cell, it is quite difficult on whether to call it a good day or a bad day for Brock Lesnar. It would be right to call it a good day for him, for coming out as a champion after beating The Undertaker hands down. The latter wouldn’t be wrong to choose for Lesnar for sustaining a severe wound which later generates a lot of problematic rumors for him.

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While fans are still contemplating on what the decision of WWE would be if he’s found guilty of blading, a photo was released on twitter showing that Brock Lesnar’s injury took nothing less than nine stitches before it could be fixed.
See photos beow:
Brock Lesnar Injured
Brock Lesnar Injury
The question running through the minds of fans is that “Must Lesnar go extra mile by sacrificing his blood to win the match”? Stay in touch as we bring you more updates.

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