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It is not hard to recognize a champion when he is seen and nothing can stop a champion from always winning that which he has set his mind unto do for life.

The fact that the WWE Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns cannot be beaten is a fact that he is really a champion and nothing can test that, nothing. AJ Styles the number one for the WWE Heavyweight Championship has tried all he could even tagging with Anderson and Gallows but to no avail.

Now, it seems that the boss of the Company Vince McMahon is upset with the winnings of this champion. AJ Styles is currently having some health issues and may not wrestle again until WWE Money in the Bank. Because of this injury, Vince McMahon will be forced to expedite the main rooster debut of NXT talents like Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor.

Vince McMahon is getting very weary by the day and may fix the Roman Reigns vs. John Cena match come SummerSlam, all these plans are just to pull Roman Reigns Down. Could this be possible, will Reigns ever loss? Triple H has thrown his weight behind Reigns and has wanted Reigns bookings to always continue. This is serious. Roman Reigns will be known for his strength just like Stone Cold and The Rock. This is amazing!