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Caution must be applied by fans when they address wrestlers, whether they are in the wrestling arena or even in their private lives.

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The WWE World Heavyweight Championship 1st contender has publicly complained of being sexually harassed when making an entry into the wrestling arena, and elsewhere too.

Hence, Roman Reigns was forced to put an over – adventurous fan in his place, through a tweet as seen below.

However, in order to forestall anything funny from happening, WWE has stopped Reigns from entering the wrestling arena through the crowd.

Also, WWE has been forced to push Reigns into a new light in his career. Other than Reigns being pushed into becoming another John Cena, Reigns is now being built into a new Roman Reigns, “the first Roman Reigns” for that matter. This is how it should be, anyway — building him to be the best of himself rather than a copy of someone else.