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With only a few more days to WrestleMania 32, there is a scuttle towards who should keep fit for a grand appearance at the event. This episode has been tipped as the best WrestleMania of all time.

The fans have gotten over the shock of Shane McMahon’s return to the WWE. The trending report now is on the battle between The Undertaker and Shane. And reports have been going off charts about the match.

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Bill Goldberg is suddenly the household name again as to who will clean up the McMahons mess. Reports have it that Goldberg will face The Undertaker on Shane’s behalf in the power-tussle match.

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He (Goldberg) takes up Shane’s fight as a way of the young bull paying back the old bull for the impossible match fixture. This way the young bull will not be injured and may well win the fight, and take what belongs to him, his rightful inheritance – Monday Night RAW.