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Information has just reached us stating that another popular Superstar has gone down again due to injury. According to Rey Mysterio currently suffers a knee injury and has been pulled out of actions. The report states that it was a shock to see Rey Mysterio who was supposed to be in action in the last night’s AAA TV tapings in Mexico appeared with a crutch and could not do any wrestle.

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This is just adding to the frustration that currently plagues the bleeding image of WWE. In the last few months, several Superstars have gone down with injury which places the WWE Company at a dangerous angle while few other Superstars are off schedules for one reason or the other. Until now, we still expect the return of Brock Lesnar while Bill Goldberg’s return a figment in the air for 11 years now.

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John Cena is off for a series of movie filming with FOX while The Undertaker runs out of energy as age catches up with him. He hardly performs again except on very special occasions. Having registered these points, WWE has decided to sign more Stars but that would take a pretty while before they make a good show of themselves so that fans can endorse them.

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As WWE TLC PPV is around the corners, we just hope no other Superstar suffer injury again.

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