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A report has just been filed in stating that Daniel Bryan seems not to have really quitted all physical activities despite the concussion he suffered earlier this year which necessitated the company to deny the privilege of performing in WWE competitions.

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According to the report, Former UFC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson spoke with Sporting News’ Steven Muehlhausen recently, and disclosed that the mega-popular Bryan has been grappling at the gym he attends while he is off WWE’s schedules.

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“He was out with some injuries in WWE. He came to our gym and moved up to blue belt in jiu-jitsu under my coach John Crouch. Every time I go in there, he’s working his butt off. I heard he was pretty strong and actually surprised me with how technical he is. A lot of guys have a hard time learning all those techniques. I heard he was really great at being able to use his technique and not relying on his strength. He’s smooth and does jiu-jitsu really well,” Henderson said.

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Bryan has long been a fan of grappling, attending seminars held by the the likes of Billy Robinson in the past. While it doesn’t seem like Bryan is jumping into the sport competitively, it would appear he’s feeling as good as he’s claimed in interviews of late.

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According to Bryan, he’s been cleared by non-WWE doctors, but not WWE’s neurosurgeon Joseph Maroon. Maroon has been put under a microscope lately after his less than flattering portrayal in the new Will Smith film, Concussion.


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