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The Spanish and EPL football’s this season Leonel Messi scored a fewer goals, he also had a knee injury which prolonged his midst operational system, most of the goals he do scores is always a style especially in free kicks, the free kick played by him against Atletic Bilbao and that of Sevilla was a very great one.

Though he didn’t score much goals this season but he is still one of the highest goal scorer.

On the other hand Cristiana Ronaldo the key player of Real Madrid scored 51 goes this season, 35 of the goes he scored was under 36 different games played in laliga. The Real Madrid key player goals piped that of the Barcelona key player.

Leonel Messi being the best forward in the word apparently proved himself as the best midfielder in the word but his operational system is quite different this season compared to that of last season.

Goals scored by messi under passed season are more greater compared to this season, one of the tactics behind the reduction in goes scored by messi is more of threaded passes and trimmed through balls.

Cristiana Ronaldo in Real Madrid as a whole this season is differently halves before Rafael Benitez and after Rafael Benitez.

The Benitez’s tenure and the Portuguese Winger, no matter the fleeting there must be a double training session to avoid scoring drought and questionable tactics. Rafael Benitez meant more freedom and more goals.

Cristiana Ronaldo won the season by winning the biggest prize in football.