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Rumor is rife in the halls and corridors of the WWE WrestleMania and things get heated up as events preceding the WrestleMania show line up.

The tension in the lead-up to the Mother of all Shows is casting a mysterious mien over the said rumours of which most worthy is one of the possible return of one of the most engaging stars of WWE.

Bill Goldberg was rumoured to show up in Dallas the day before WrestleMania 32. Word had it that Goldberg was supposed to run-in during the Shane McMahon-Undertaker Hell in a Cell match.

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This whole scenario sounds very much like the WWE we have all come to know.The former WWE Champion speaks out on the rumors of him supposedly interfering in the Shane-Taker match on his twitter handle, “Never in the cards to show up tonight but I refused to spoil it for everyone by commenting…..thank you all for giving a shit”.

Sudhir, a fan on the Twitter Social Media site tweeted, “We would’ve had a contest for ‘Best Spear at WrestleMania’ if he showed up”.

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Report says that WWE officials approached Goldberg about three months ago with the offer of a six month or a one-year contract but he never accepted it possibly because he wanted to just have one big match at WrestleMania 32.