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Is this really a end of career?

The huge brave wrestler who has wrestled for some years is said to retire. According to, it was heard from The Undertaker when he spoke to the backstage people that this is eventually his last match, which is after WrestleMania.

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Well, so many persons refused to believe this because this is not actually the first time news like this is occurring. The Undertaker has been scheduled to show up on the WWE UK traditional tour. He was in the list with Luke Harper, Eric Roman and Big Show.

More so, another episode of SmackDown comes up on 19th of April which is supposed to feature Undertaker in a match even though we do not know who he is to face. Undertaker was supposed to stand against John Cena in a match at WrestleMania 32, but it wasn’t possible due to John Cena’s injury.

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Nevertheless, we still have hope that there will be the John cena vs. The Undertaker match come WrestleMania 33. So then, when will the retirement of this legend be? Well, as long as we have our breath we hope to see how and when it shall come to pass.